Google Celebrated Altina Schinasi 116th birthday: The Woman behind Harlequin Spectacles

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On Friday Google celebrated the 116th birthday of the talented and versatile artist Altina Schinasi. She was known for her work as a sculptor, documentary, filmmaker, and inventor. To honor her, Google showcased a special logo with a pair of stylish orange cat’s-eye glasses which framing the name of the company. These glasses became a fashion icon during the mid-20th century and one of the most famous creations by her.

Altina was born on August 4 1907 Istanbul,Turkey to a Sephardic Jewish family. Later her family moved to the United States where she was raised in New York city. She attended various art schools including the art student league of New York, where she honoured for her skill in sculpture and painting.

At the time when they noticed the lack of options for women glasses see invent her most significant invention, “The cat-eye glasses”. Her cat-eye glasses remain iconic to these days and have been emulated and reinterpreted by various eyewea r brands over the years. They quickly gained popularity among women specially in 1950 and 1960s and they became synonymous with chic fashion. She also explored film making and produced a documentary called “The Vision of William Klein” in 1969. She was not just a successful artist but also had a strong commitment to social causes.

Filmmaker Peter Barton produced a documentary title “Altina” about her life and significant impact on various fields including fashion art and activism.

At the age of 92 on August 28th 1999, Altina passed away, the end of an Era filled with artistic brilliance. Her cat’s-eye glasses design and artistic contribution remain timeless, influence fashion and inspire creativity. Her impact on the artistic world will forever remember.

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